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Our Idea

The national charity organisation Adfam is devoted to changing the lives of families affected by drugs and alcohol. We have a desire to provide an opportunity to be a part of an encouraging and loving family, to take advantage of stable relationships and have good physical and mental health to anybody that has been struck by another person's alcohol and drug abuse.

Alcohol and drug abuse can endanger and eventually ruin family relations and harmony.

Our Mission

We engage family members and caregivers collective participation support to change this course of direction.

What We Care About

We talked with family members and frontline laborers We know and understand that the people who face challenges often also have answers . So, we use compassion and evidence to inform, encourage and empower persons influenced by a loved one's substance abuse as well as the workers who help them. We aim to provide both groups with resources, knowledge, belief and ways to help themselves, their communities, customers and peers.

We Do Things That Work

The substance use impact on wellbeing and family relationships is both varied and profound. We access our work with close attention and care to what works in the real world. We've designed programs that allows individuals and institutions the opportunity for making informed choices also encourage them to drop bad habits to health and wellness progress. We depend upon the support of friends and associates for guidance and direction.

We Take Our Goal Seriously

We take our work as well as our partnerships very seriously and are dedicated to delivering results of the greatest quality. We guarantee to treat people and families influenced by medications and liquor with deference and nobility, because we realise that partiality and disgrace are obstructions to recuperation and cause damages. We need to see a general public free from shame towards drugs and liquor clients and their families. we are going to fight it until it destroy.

With Whom Do We Work

  • Family, friends and caretakers - We support persons influenced by another's drug or alcohol abuse, and help them to make sure that they have a stake in the problems that affect them.
  • Frontline workers - To make sure the support we deliver is effective and appropriate, we build confidence, capacity and capability of practitioners.
  • Decision-makers - We interact with and influence relevant local and national officials to improve regulations and make sure they get to know about the problems families we work with encounter every day.

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