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What To Take To Rehab

What Should I Carry When Checking Into Rehab

Every therapy clinic permits certain things while forbids others and this is very important to know this once getting ready for treatment.

Some items are prohibited in the rehab centres. A list of allowed objects and forbidden ones is presented by most clinics.

Following your arrival at the treatment centre, you are required to check in and initiate the admission process. Part of the procedure is the inspection of your personal effects to make sure that there are no contrabands and other prohibited objects are smuggled in. A checklist is provided by some clinics to make sure no items are forgot once treatment is over.

Supplies are permitted in the therapy clinics. However, each rehab has its own conditions on what they allow and what is not allowed.

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How To Find Information About What To Bring

The rehab will always notify you of all the items that are not allowed in their facility. Search for the FAQ page if that section is not present. Although not all centres offer a checklist, some provide the patient in order to prepare them prior to admission. If you are still unable to find the information required you are advised to contact the admissions office of the rehab. You will have all of your queries and doubts clarified. At the same time, they can walk you through and guide you on what to expect prior, during and after admission.

Items That Most Clinics Endorse

The policy of every rehab centre is different, and some can be expected to be stricter than the others.

Majority of centres advise patients to bring these:

  • A list of names, addresses and telephone numbers of people you wish to have involved within your treatment [loved ones, healthcare professionals, twelve-step sponsors, etc.].
  • Jewels like your wedding ring or a watch that you wear every day and deem as necessary.
  • Other jewellery with no sentimental value should be left at home.
  • You can carry an alarm clock which does not have a radio.
  • Some centres are known to supply these items, and therefore, it would be better to verify this particular item before venturing out into the market to purchase them.
  • The medications that the patient will be using.
  • If you are taking a liquid drug, the bottle must be sealed.
  • It is recommended to carry the names of every medication you are taking and its dose with you.
  • Some money but not a lot of it.
  • Your payment card in the form of debit/debit card or your check book.
  • Your insurance cards along with a method of identification [driver's license, passport, etc.].
  • All the contact information that may be used in case of anything.
  • A notebook or a journal.
  • If you want to mail letters, carry stamps, postcards, and envelopes with you.
  • Some picture of close relatives and friends.
  • You will be provided with reading materials by the rehab centres chosen by you.
  • Reading material you want to bring have to be about retrieval, self- help or spiritually focused.
  • Small notebook are the best since they are not heavy.

The Attire You Should Have With You

You need to be aware of what clothes are permitted in the rehab you are going to. In case where you are not sure, consider to bring articles that you can use in layering in case of cold weather.

Be aware that you shouldn't pack over the limits as your room could not be that spacious.

There will be provisions for you to clean clothes in the facility. Try not to bring clothes which require special washing like dry cleaning for example.

Keep the weather in mind and bring a seven day weather-appropriate set of clothes like.

  • Shoes: Comfortable shoes for everyday use, tennis shoes for activities/sports and flip-flops for the shower.
  • Shirts: If you have tank tops you should also be looking forward to packing some cardigans to wear along with them to comply with the dress code of the centres.
  • Pants
  • Shorts: Lengths may be determined by the centre to comply with a dress code.
  • One or two smart dresses for special occasions.
  • Fresh and clean pairs of socks.
  • Undergarments.
  • Bathing suits: a one-piece for women and trunks for men is usually enough.
  • Nightclothes.
  • A jacket.
  • A bathrobe.
  • A belt, if needed.
  • A hat: some centres do not permit hats indoors.
  • Slippers.

Beauty And Hygiene Products To Pack

Majority of rehabs allow only alcohol-free hygiene and cosmetic products. Some allow alcohol-containing products only when alcohol doesn't feature in the first three ingredients. You will not be allowed to carry aerosols.

The beauty products you carry should be enough and they are:

  • Deodorant
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Hairspray
  • Comb/brush
  • Feminine care products
  • Shaving cream
  • Lotion
  • Sunscreen
  • Makeup

Items Not To Take To Rehab

Almost all treatment centres have a list of forbidden items and they enforce a set of rules. These items don't guarantee the proper surroundings for your retrieval and aren't safe These are the screened contrabands:

  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Narcotics and prohibited prescriptions
  • Sharp objects and weapons
  • Materials with sexual content
  • Food or drinks
  • Everyday stuff containing alcohol
  • E cigarettes
  • Medications that are not prescribed
  • Volatile substances like nail polish or polish remover and the likes
  • Video games and movies in any media
  • Games equipment
  • Clothing that is not descent
  • Aerosols
  • Cleaning supplies [bleach, ammonia, etc.]
  • Any forms of electronic equipment.
  • Games and playing cards
  • Candles and incense
  • Clothing with vulgarity or reference to drugs, booze or violence

While you might not expect certain things to be banned, like electronic products and sport equipment, but many centres do not allow them. The idea behind banning them is to minimize distractions and help you stay focused on recovery. The centre houses most such items and you will enjoy access to them as per the guidelines of your centre.

You will also find that food from outside and drinks are banned because the centres maintain a moderate sugar and caffeine environment. You will get all the meals that you need on a daily basis. You should inform your facility beforehand in case you are on a special diet.

These Items Are Permitted By Some Clinics But Not Others

Each has their own rules and policies so do not expect that it is standard to all. The list below includes items that are permitted by some centres:

  • Computer Equipment
  • In case you have this permission in your rehab, chances are your access to it is limited.
  • Don't leave your charger behind.
  • Cigarettes
  • Some facilities will allow you to bring in cigarettes if you are a smoker.
  • These centres usually have some restrictions regarding the number of cartons you can bring in.
  • Vitamins and OTC Medications
  • All the medicine should either be prescribed or new.
  • Chewing Gums
  • Gums too should be unopened and sealed during admission.
  • Music Players
  • You should not be able to access the internet with these device else it will taken from you.
  • Camera
  • Shutterbugs can rest assured that some centres will allow cameras that are not Internet capable.
  • Throwaway or Electric Razors
  • This depends on the rehab facility since it is considered dangerous.
  • Most of the times, throwaway razors are permitted.
  • Nail Clippers
  • Some allow nail clippers, some don't.
  • Items To Make Your Room Feel Like Home
  • You may have permission to bring your own bedding, pillows, and objects that help you feel relaxed.
  • However, all these items should be allowed first.

Can I Get Prohibited Items Back That I Accidentally Took

In cases where you have brought a banned or prohibited item, just keep calm and cooperate. In all likelihood, the centre will handover the item to the individual who accompanied you. Your objects are kept for 24 hours in other centres until someone collects them. It is possible that the centre might store the item till your release day.

You are likely to travel alone if you are commuting by air and so there won't be anyone to take the prohibited items home. You should check with the centre what items are allowed and what are not before packing. You would obviously want any prohibited items that you've brought along by mistake to be returned to you when you leave. In case the centre doesn't store them, request them to send the items to your home address.

Preparing Your Stuff For Rehab If you have doubts about some object review your clinic's regulations. The process becomes all the more simpler if you logon to the centre's website and save the packing checklist. Don't pack too many things; only carry things you need.

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